FD-258 Hard Card - Fingerprinting Background Check

Some industries require individuals to obtain a FD-258 Hard card for their Fingerprinting Background Check. Some of the industries are: Doctors, Lawyers, Corrections Officers, Crossing Guards, out of state requests, and more.

Some industries have made it optional for the individual to choose to either have their fingerprints submitted digitally or use the FD-258 card: Some of these industries are: Nurses, Teachers, etc.

Steps to obtaining your FD-258 Hard Card:

  1. Bring in any paperwork you have regarding your fingerprinting requirements.

  2. GoFingerprint will review your paperwork as some government agencies require sealing of envelops, or notarization of documents along with the fingerprinting.

  3. When your fingerprinting session is complete, GoFingerprint will sign and date the fingerprint cards. Congratulations your are done!

FD-258 Hard Card GoFingerprint
GoFingeprint FD258 Card
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