Nevada Department of Education Fingerprinting

The Nevada Department of Education fingerprinting process covers new applicants and renewals for their Teaching License. GoFingerprint will process your fingerprints and submit them electronically to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, where the results will be sent back to the Nevada Department of Education.

Steps to obtaining or renewing your Teaching License:

  1. New and existing licensees will need to register through the Online Portal for Application and Licensure (OPAL). Applicants will receive email notifications and text messages as their applications moves through each stage of the process, from initial intake to evaluation by an analyst to background clearance and final license issuance.

  2. Pay your New Application or Renewal fee online.

  3. After paying the online fee you will be emailed with instructions to have your fingerprinting background check completed. GoFingerprint recommends waiting 48 hours after receiving the email to ensure OPAL has been fully updated before getting your fingerprints completed.

  4. Proceed to GoFingerprint for your fingerprint background processing. GoFingerprint is required to use OPAL to retrieve your information to submit your fingerprints electronically.

  5. When your fingerprinting session is complete, GoFingerprint will notify the Nevada Department of Education through OPAL that you have completed your fingerprint background check requirements.

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